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The roots of SUP cycles go back in 1975, when SUP cycles was known as ”Leopard”. Leopard road bike manufactoring started in Tampere at 70’s, supervised and directed by Tauno Lönnqvist.

Bikes were designed and built in Suomen Urheilupyörä. Materials were state-of-the-art at that time, and those were brought to Finland from Italy. Also bike construction skills were learned by visiting many famous bike factorys in Italy, using special permissions and relations. At 70’s Leopard was also a pro-team in Finland including some of the best Finnish cyclists at that time.

Leopard team was very professional, offering f.e. race bikes, cycle clothing and international races and training camps to the members. Also high quality service cars were in use. Leopard team was seen in many road races, but also in track and velodrome. (Track bikes were only partially manufactured in Tampere)

The good success of Leopard was noticed, and it also brought many customers to Lönnqvist’s bike shop. And after two years the Leopard brand was bought, and it became a successful chapter in Finnish race bike history.

In 2008 an idea was born, to bring Leopard back alive and to face the challenges and demands of today and modern cycling. And so the new brand was born, SUP cycles. SUP stands for Suomen Urheilupyörä, which is the name of our bike shop. Today we bring you road bikes, TT/Triathlon bikes, track bikes and cyclocross bikes.

SUP Cycles are partially designed and 100% built in Finland. That is why we can quarantee full quality and safety to our bikes. Frames are manufactured and imported by our partner in Asia. All frames are strictly selected and tested, and that is why we can offer a 2 year warranty to our bikes.

The most important thing for us is to offer You a competitive, top-end price/quality ratio and correctly measured and fitting bike.

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